Our Top Shows

The Wade Wilkes Show


Make sure to tune in Monday through Friday 7-9am for your daily dose of politics Wade's way. He covers all things from local to national news.

Produced by Wade Wilkes

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Today's AG with Jim Stewart


Jim Stewart has been bringing Agriculture news to Texas for almost 40 years. His show is every Monday through Friday 12:30-1:30 pm.

Produced by Jim Stewart

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Your Health Today


Join Melody Wilkes and Debbie Hernandez every Friday at 12pm. "Your Health Today" covers all topics related to the Health Industry.

Produced by Katherine Wilkes

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Other Side of Texas


Jay Leeson is back and more dangerous than ever on the Other Side of Texas. 

Produed By Jay Leeson

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You're the Cure


Join Dr.Edwards with his weekly show you're the cure as he disscuses today's modern health issues.

Produced By Wade Wilkes

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Listeners have questions, and we have answers. Join us Monday through Friday 10-11am as we comb through the message of God. 

Produced By Katherine Wilkes

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The Dan Baze Show


 Join Dan Baze Monday and Wednesday 12pm-12:30pm, as he brings local business owners to the air waves to see what they can offer you.

Produced by Dan Baze

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Gun Talk


Every Tuesday morning 7am-9am, listen in to "Gun Talk" with Wade Wilkes, Steve Farley,(Corner Stone Tactical Institute) and Steve Burns(LSG Arms) as they discuss everything gun related.

Produced by Wade Wilkes

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The Car Show


Listen in every Thursday morning 9am-10am to Scott Simm and Wade Wilkes as they talk about all things cars.

Produced by Wade Wilkes



Join Greg Gitner and Wade Wilkes as they talk about Veterans and what VetStar does for Veterans.

Produced by Wade Wilkes

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Getting Real with Real Estate


Tune in Wednesday mornings 9am-10am with Linda Day and Wade Wilkes to talk about everything Real Estate. 

Produced by Wade Wilkes

Catholic Faith Radio


Join Father Joseph every Friday 1:30pm-4:30pm to discuss topics within the Catholic Religion.

Produced by Father Joesph

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Dr. Chistensen Show


Join Dr.Christensen, Wade Wilkes, and Melody Wilkes every 2nd and 4th friday, to discuss chiropractic care.

Produced by Wade Wilkes

Dr. Andy Gray Show


Listen in to Wade Wilkes and Dr.Gray Thursday's as they discuss the latest health issues.

Produced by Wade wilkes

Meat Science and Barbecue Talk


Listen in every Friday morning 9am-10am to Wade Wilkes, Tate Corliss, and Ben Weatherly as they discuss the science behind cattle production from farm to fork.

The Better Business Bureau Show


We talk all things local business every 2nd and 4th Thursday mornings 8:30am-9am.